New beer revolution is on and the individual experience becomes imperative. Yet out of the enormous selection it can be difficult to recognize a great beer and to establish the protocol for creating it. We can help you overcome the obstacles and achieve your goals with a scientific perspective and a very particular set of skills. Skills acquired over a very long career. Skills that will fit your needs and help you solve the puzzle.

Those Lovely Microorganisms

Visuals Consulting offers the expertise in beer yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell biology. We have been working with yeast for decades. Yeast was our model organism for important scientific discoveries, as well as our workhorse for making beer and spirits. We have been mutating, selecting and performing directed evolution until the generation of that perfect yeast strain with all the desired characteristics.

Visual Consulting offers the expertise in microscopy techniques that will help you image yeast like a pro.

Next to S. cerevisiae, we offer the assistance with a number of yeast and bacteria species. Microbiology and biotechnology expertise includes the work with microorganisms, corresponding media, growth conditions, different processes including fermentation and the generation of the final product, beer. Different examples of our research in yeast cell biology can be seen in our Visuals gallery.


Expertise in Biochemistry

The experts from Visuals Consulting will help you implement a range of biochemical techniques in the brewing process as they are utilized in the top world institutions. These techniques include working with proteins of different origins, as well as other macromolecules and organic compounds as beer adjuncts. Mastering biochemistry is crucial for a number of applications in biotechnology.

Special beers require special adjuncts and flavourings. Next to the plethora of choices among standard solid and liquid adjuncts, we can help you find those that fit your yeast’s protein profile. Additionally, we can advise you how to enrich your yeast with different minerals or endogenously expressed proteins. That way you would have unique unfiltered craft beer with benefits. 

Visual Consulting offers the expertise in biochemistry that will help you visualize protein interactions like a pro.

Seeing Cells Work

We have been observing different cells in action using direct and indirect visualization methods. The former methods comprise microscopy techniques, ranging from widefield to super-resolution and electron microscopy. These techniques enable the visualization of changes on the different levels of scale, from the individual proteins and groups in their side chain (0.5-20nm), macromolecular structures (20-200nm), organelles (300nm-5000nm), to cells, tissues and whole organisms (0.005mm-1cm). In the Visuals gallery you will find examples of microscopy methods and techniques utilized by experts from Visuals Consulting.

Visual Consulting offers the expertise in microscopy techniques that will help you image like a pro.