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Visuals Consulting offers brewing consulting and management services, providing solutions using scientific expertise lying in the crossroads between biology, medicine, chemistry and physics. Whether you plan on opening a microbrewery or up-scaling an existing one; whether you are developing new brewing technologies and look for an optimal system; whether you intend to introduce new microorganisms in your fermentation process… Visuals Consulting is there to assist you.

Visuals Consulting provides two types of brewing consulting and management services, (i) consulting in the delivery of results for specific fermentation process and (ii) assistance in the development and the management of microbreweries. The first type of services is oriented towards solving specific problems and do not require many working hours per request. The second type of services is focused on the projects requiring consulting services throughout longer periods of time. For each type of service, we identify key points to improve the industrial process and to develop the perfect beer.

Project consulting service is focused on solving a specific problem using all-encompassing knowledge of yeast biology, biotechnology and protein chemistry. We help you make a right decision on which preparations and techniques to use in order to create superior beer. Importantly, we guide you through any step during the implementation of a successful process, from the selection of the material via practical work to a final product. We guide aspiring and experienced brewers through the selection of the yeast and the bacterial strains that would emphasize the best features of their beer. We provide the expertise in chemistry and cell biology that is invaluable for the nuanced fermentation processes.

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